2022 Satellite Fellows


Our fellowship program incubates new artists and groups. We've invited 5 new fellows for 2022. Fellows talk, play, discuss, and debate their own art in communities of interaction.

Sad Blimp

In Production

Sad Blimp is Satellite Collective's latest work in development.

Imagine a reproduction WWII era blimp hanging in the sky in a public space, with Satellite Collective's history of artistic film works projected across it day and night, a spooky reminder of our past and future.

Our first site, Rosa Park Circle in Grand Rapids, MI has just been approved.

Liar Lear King

In Production

LIAR LEAR KING is an multimedia dance adaptation of King Lear set in New York, 1972. The premiere is set to open in October at Grand Rapids Ballet.

LIAR LEAR KING is an original animated film created by director and filmographer Lora Robertson.

New Music Feature


Satellite is working with Brooklyn-based composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone to compose an original ballet with Kevin Draper and Lora Robertson, to premiere at Grand Rapids Ballet October 14-16, 2022.

Rouge Film Unit


Satellite Collective's Rouge Film Unit creates beautiful original works of animation, original music, and story.

Telephone Game

Large Scale Art Project

Networked art projects that get hundreds of participants creating art together.

Satellite Press


Satellite Press is the literary arm of Satellite Collective. We publish artists who can bring a profound sense of place. Check our most recent issue, handset in Detroit.

Achievement in the Arts


Satellite awarded citation for acheivement in the arts by President and Borough of Brooklyn.

“I commend Satellite Collective for building a sustainable creative, financial, and collaborative model.”