Satellite Fellows are artists. Satellite Fellows join a community of artists whose careers are supported directly by Satellite Collective through financial services, structured business operations, and ongoing mentorship. We believe artists need the financial tools and savvy that any business owner requires. Thanks to the generosity of many other public and non-profit institutions, we’ve constructed a financial supply chain that allows the artist to use a donor’s check to pay an expense the same day they receive said check — that’s the financial speed a working artist needs.

That’s just the business side. But what we discovered is that when Satellite brings in cohorts of 6-9 artists, often with common points of connection — such as this year’s cohort and their participation in Telephone 2 — a unique community is created. What we found was something we now actively practice, and we call it SHARINGS.


Artists want to understand their place in their own ecosystem. To do that, Satellite uses Sharings — which are small, private communities of interaction amongst our artists, virtually and in-person. Sharings allow Fellows to play, discuss, and maybe even debate their own art with their peers in selective groups and private sessions.

How our fellowships work


Satellite Collective believes in artists collaborating as equals, globally and virtually. We incubate performances, arts exchanges, and publications that allow artists to work together because we believe that is the future. We grow artists.

As an innovative alternative to the current marketplace’s financial exploitation of artists, Satellite has launched a hands-on, uniquely-tailored fellowship for artists who show career promise, an ability to raise money to fund themselves, and a willingness to work in collaborative environments.

Through this artist-centric, collective approach, Satellite provides Fellows fiscal sponsorship at a favorable rate for artists, mentorship in growing their arts business, access to excellent non-profit level online tools, and an avenue to join future Satellite productions and publications.

Satellite is proud to support our hand-selected cohorts amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond as they blossom into full careers. Currently, we are represented in dance, world music, film, theater, interdisciplinary performance, visual arts, literary arts, science and technology. Read more about our Fellowship launch here.

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