"Satellite Collective aims to open up the stage to diverse artistic practice, producing alternate channels for performance to envelope the audience—expressing the theatrical and choreographic gesture, sound, décor, film, stagecraft and storytelling into a total artwork."

Wayne Northcross, New York Observer [LINK]

"In terms of inspiration, Satellite Collective bubbles over with creative energy."

Gia Kourlas, New York Times

"Certain aspects of the evening felt novel, like the abundance of live, original music, played by the Satellite Ensemble.... ...commendably seamless. These are people who know how to produce a show."


Siobhan Burke, New York Times [LINK]

"Satellite Collective is an admirably cooperative endeavor and a peculiar one....Seven composers, three choreographers, one filmmaker, two writers, one lighting designer and three costume designers contributed, with some of those people wearing multiple hats. Even for a sampler, that's a lot of creative voices."

Brian Seibert, New York Times

"New York-based Satellite Collective enlisted dancers from the New York City Ballet to dance on the church roof, and a film of the performance by Lora Robertson and Kevin Draper, with music by Stelth Ulvang of The Lumineers, was screened at the 92nd Street Y. "

Kara Weisenstein, [LINK]

"...a group of likeminded musicians, singers, spoken word artists, visual designers, choreographers, and dancers, "collaborating as equals, globally and virtually." - They're young, in many cases talented, serious and dedicated to their craft. The pieces on the program speak of melancholy, loveliness and yearning."

Marina Harss, Dance Tabs [LINK]

"...a performance of something that every artist already knows, which is that art is not made in solitude; it's made out of other art."

W.J.T. Mitchell speaking with Melena Ryzik, New York Times [LINK]

"The interdisciplinary aspects of the production are the group's best feature: the projections and artwork are haunting; the live chamber music on strings, piano and guitar is richly sonorous."

Leigh Witchell, Dance View Times [LINK]

"...their attention to detail, presentation and live music is especially impressive.... this show felt cohesive in its structure and approach.... black-and-white geometric projections were created using mathematical formulas. They managed to be intriguing without distracting, suitable and yet also sleek."

Rachel Rizzuto, BachTrack [LINK]

"'s fascinating how some of the original message endures even when transmitted through performance, installation, painting, prose, and any other of the diverse media."

Allison Meier, Hyperallergic [LINK]

"In tandem with Mr. Draper's backdrop the dancers looked as if they were slicing at stalks of wheat in an open field beneath a harvest moon. The initial effect was beautiful."

Juan Michael Porter II, Broadway World [LINK]

"Oh Gott, die See ist so groß und mein Boot so klein", lautet der Satz, mit dem alles begann. Vor fünf Jahren setzte Nathan Langston dieses Gebet eines bretonischen Fischers in die Welt, um sein medienübergreifendes, künstlerisches Experiment Telephone zu starten."

Claudia Bodin, Art Magazin [LINK]

"Edie Leaves Twice was a beautiful stop motion short film by Lora Robertson, with libretto by Kevin Draper and scored by Ellis Ludwig-Leone. The film is the second installment of an ongoing trilogy...The imagery was rich, colorful and deliciously abstract... It was a brilliant, fun and a unexpected sweet treat…I'd love to see again….."

Darrell Wood, NYC Dance Stuff [LINK]

"Founded in 2010 by Artistic Director Kevin Draper and based primarily in New York and Michigan, Satellite Collective has accumulated a significant number of contributing artists, and has commissioned over forty works through its collaborative process, with the goal of providing opportunities to explore ideas that the artists believe will influence the future."

Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance [LINK]

"They are the emerging artists, the millennial, contemporary, twenty-something generation of up-and-coming thinkers, movers, shakers, dreamers, drifters and lovers...While the young, recently launched presence above and throughout the arts world may be faint amid so many countless fixtures of essentially eternal stars, it is so bright and close to home."

Matt Hanson, Broadway World [LINK]

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