Sad Blimp TV

Satellite spends so much time generating promotion and doing the standard non-profit myth making, that it occurred to us that might in some way mean the promotion was the art. Since we were looking at the East River from the Brooklyn skyline at the time, someone suggested that we use an advertising blimp, and someone else suggested that should be a WWI observation blimp if it were to be funny. Everyone burst into laughter and an idea was born.

Quite seriously, we think Sad Blimp as a decade long project, and fully intend for the last blimp to be in space and visible to our first tourists.

But, while it’s bound to earth, Sad Blimp is by day a watcher, and by night a talker: Sad Blimp TV uses Sad Blimp as a mobile broadcast screen.

Watch Sad Blimp TV For a While

The Sad Blimp Is Your Friend

Sad Blimp will be an actual aerostat that combines live installation, performance, and the idea that advertising, in the arts, is the vehicle. SAD BLIMP TV is how we support live streaming for SAD BLIMP, and also a gathering point for our best film, music and creative storyboards.

When Sad Blimp flies, SAD BLIMP LIVESTREAM can be found here. In the meantime, Satellite feature films from new work and historic performances play through with live music, stop motion animation, and hyper edited storytelling.”


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